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Every year this process is difficult for a few weeks. Please have patience as it always improves and usually runs smoothly once everyone has had time to practice. We request that each family make a sign with their last name on it for their car. Please place this in your car window until the teachers become familiar with your car. PLEASE DO NOT leave your children unattended in your car at any time. We also ask that you maintain slow speeds while in our parking lot.


If you have multiple children in different age groups, please pick all of your children up at the youngest child’s location.  We also ask that you arrive at the time your children are dismissed and if you should arrive early, please park until your child’s dismissal time.


We take tardiness very seriously because it is disruptive and in addition to affecting the tardy child's learning; it also can have a detrimental effect upon the rights of the non-tardy students to uninterrupted learning. Students who are late feel uncomfortable, just like adults do when we walk into a situation that has already started. It interrupts the flow of their work day and makes them unbalanced as they rush to start their day.


Before Care starts at 7:00 am and ends at 8:00 am. Elementary students who arrive before 7:45 am, and Children's House students who arrive before 8:00 am need to be walked into the Farm School library, signed into Before Care and pay the $8 drop-in rate. This payment is expected within 24 hours of use and can be paid to Compass Montessori School in the front office. If payment is not received promptly then before care will not be available to you until payment is received.


After Care starts at 2:45 pm for Elementary and 3:00 pm for Children's House and ends promptly at 5:45 pm. The After Care drop-in rate is $25 per day per child. The cost if you are late at the 5:45 pm pick up time is $1 per minute per child. This payment is expected within 24 hours of use and can be paid to Compass Montessori School in the front office.