Present: Allison Finkenbinder, Stephanie Garcia, Andrew Goff, Igor Zelinski, Petra Schalk, Michael Watson, Lesa Perkins, Erika Deru, Chelsea Coyle, Jo Grady, Steve Kinney, Brett Anderson, Jennifer Foster, Jennifer Pickerel, Spencer Hertz, Ibronia Hertz, Connie Baker, Steve Kinney, Renee Stark, Allison Mosqueda, Nikki Barta, Stephanie and Eric Shelite, Maura Sullivan

Officers: Chelsea Coyle, President. Erika Deru, Secretary. Stephanie Garcia, Treasurer (Emmy Fritz-Krakow, Vice President, not present)


Overview of what PTSA does: community building, money goes straight to back to the community.


Roles to fill: PTSA Membership, Original Works


Spencer Hertz volunteered to fill the Membership role (Yay!). Stephanie Shelite will help support (


PTSA particularly wants to find ways to help kids going into new classrooms or are new to Compass. Maybe help matching families to create “pods”?

Could classroom parents help facilitate meetups/partnerships/pods? Would like to match up for all levels.


Hope to get room assignments by Aug 12, and then kids might be able to meet in person, grouped by grade/room? Make sure to create small groups to adhere to corona restrictions for gatherings. Chelsea will look into parameters for numbers.


School might be doing something to match up students/new families? Could help set up Zoom meetings for parents before the next meeting/before school starts. Back to school meetups, maybe by classroom? Zooms would take place of Back-to-School nights? 

Check-in with admin. Lesa Perkins will check about what admin will do with new families, meet-ups, etc. 


Allison Mosqueda: what about pairing up new parents with current parents in the same classrooms for whoever wants to and do an online zoom call for questions and support??


Classroom parents (Petra Schalk): help organize based on what teachers want (sign-ups, celebrations, etc.), communicator for teachers, distribute information to parents, answer questions about classroom happenings. Great fun and can get very involved in the community, meet a lot of parents, and get to know all the kids. This will look different depending on the classroom, campus, and level, and especially with restrictions volunteers won’t be on campus.


Reach out to your classroom teachers to find out about becoming a Room Parent, if they need one. Some classrooms don’t want one, or will have one from last year.


We will need a better community base of PTSA members so we can support better remote. How can PTSA get information out to people about our passive fundraising (King Soopers, Amazon Smile, scrip) and events? Is email the best way? Facebook? 


Too many FB pages, but go to Compass Montessori, Compass Fun Club, Compass Parents (Social) Page. Compass also has an Instagram Page. The website is the main page to find information. PTSA has a link from the main Compass page and needs to be updated.


Not sure if in-person events will happen this year, although there are vague plans to go ahead. We always need help regardless. Would like to brainstorm ideas for other community events because in-person may not be happening.


Jo Grady can help with the STEAM Expo

Petra Schalk can help with Zoom meetings for UE,

Allison Finkenbinder can help with Zoom for LE, UE WR 

Nikki Barta and Allison Mosqueda can help with Zoom for CH and LE

Farm School occupations Zoom - Erika can help set up for different FS occupations

High School groups?

Still need a volunteer for Original Works

Compass PTSA has a Signup Genius account to create forms and sign-ups


Other Email Addresses: 

Renee Stark:


Michael Watson:

Bronia Hertz:

Maura Sullivan:

Erika Deru:

Stephanie and Eric Shelite: 


To become a PTSA member:


Chelsea and Stephanie can create a survey for parents to find out what they might need.


Next Meeting: Thursday 9/3 7:00 pm